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The JIDS Board’s May 1, 2024 Statement about the Middle East Conflict

As a dialogue society, we generally do not issue policy statements. However, we feel compelled to do so as the situation in Gaza escalates without an end in sight. We are horrified by Hamas’ brutal murder of 1,200 Israelis and abduction of hundreds more on October 7, its continued captivity of 130 souls, and by Israel’s utter devastation of Gaza, leaving an ever-increasing toll of tens of thousands of dead Gazans and countless more wounded. We call for an immediate end to the fighting and a return of all the hostages.

At the same time, any call for the fighting to stop beyond a humanitarian pause must address these questions: who would administer the Gaza Strip if not its previous leadership? And what is the most humane way to ensure that Hamas is no longer ruling the Gaza Strip—and that Israel isn’t either? Both Israelis and Palestinians have fanatics who are interested in destabilizing any program for peace, so a way forward is needed to ensure that they don’t sabotage the collective future of both peoples.

We have developed more detailed thoughts on this highly charged issue. Notably, we believe that the world needs to call for an international conference to consider what it can do to ameliorate the situation and place this region. on a path toward reconciliation and a stable peace. For example, thinking that Likud and its coalition partners will advocate for peace, even aspirationally, is fanciful.

We have engaged Jews and Muslims on the Israel-Palestine conflict and on many other issues of interest to both groups. We welcome Muslims, Jews, and others to join us in civil, respectful discussions that allow us to open our hearts and minds and learn from each other.


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“Islamophobic Tropes: What They Are and How to Respond to Them,” Sunday, May 5th, 3-5 p.m. (via Zoom)

Speaker — Dr. Daisy Khan, a leading voice on Muslim women’s rights and anti-Muslim bias.

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